— Sweet fruit tart delicious and thus benefit the body to get vitamin [C].

— Kiwi seeds bear Zeta Java and use of alternative sesame seeds which is easy to digest and do not cause harmful for the body.— Using its roots in multiple medical treatment, including treatment of scabies and itching and skin allergies.
— Fruit juice helps to address the acidity in the stomach.
— Fruit medical benefits to the elimination of worms, particularly in the abdomen.
— Treated by the meat internal anal itching and hemorrhoids.
Public benefits to kiwi fruit:
Nutrition experts say that the kiwi fruit is very rich v (c), and Kiwi also contains salts, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and the most important benefits of the following:
• Get rid of severe cold.
• increase the body’s own ability to defend natural biological (ie activate the human immune).
• resistance circulatory disorders.
• activation of nerve tissue cells.
• help patients with anemia.
• help to stimulate human physical weakness.
• help in the digestion process.
• Molina of the intestines.
• help to reduce blood cholesterol.
• be fibers good material for making paper.