As Chipotle goes GMO-free, Monsanto’s worst fear is coming true

393392Jonathan Latham
Chipotle Mexican Grill. Photo: Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia and TheToyChannel on YouTube via Flickr (CC BY). Читать далее


The Silencing of Hector Valenzuela

2015_0520hectorBy Paul Koberstein and Eliza Murphy, Cascadia Times | Report
University of Hawai’i Prof. Hector Valenzuela conducted experiments on organic farming at the university’s Waimanalo Experiment Station on Oahu until the university shut down his research. (Photo: Will Caron) Читать далее

Norwegian Authorities Ban GM Fish Feed over Antibiotic Resistance Fears

fish-farms-norwayAccording to the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority has stopped approving (on a yearly basis) GMOs for use in fish feed that contain genes coding for antibiotic resistance. Читать далее

GMOs In The Nation’s Food Supply – Agent Orange Revisted

tractorskillsBY LOANA HOYLMAN
A helluva fight is brewing over genetically modified organisms. Basically, the GMO story goes like this: People have been genetically modifying food since agriculture began thousands of years ago. But that is through cross-breeding for a hardier tomato or a sweeter apple. Читать далее

GMO Contamination Denial: Controlling Science

2014.12.9.GMO.MainBy Don Fitz, Truthout
Scientists have been experiencing blatant suppression of GMO research. (Image via Shutterstock)
Did you ever think that investigation of the potential dangers of putting GMOs (genetically modified organisms) into food would be based on objective research? Or that unbiased reviews of research by academic journals would chart a steady march toward scientific truth? If so, you would be very wrong. Читать далее